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And We Called it Good

October 19, 2009

Another fabulous weekend in my world.  Not only did we have some fun, we accomplished quite a bit, as well.

On Saturday, we cleaned house for about, um, five hours.  Yes, I realize this sounds excessive, perhaps somewhat obsessive, but it’s really.really.clean now.  You could eat off any surface in the kitchen and Dr. Love dusted the whole house.  All we really have left to do are the floors and Dr. Love has promised me that he will take care of the bathroom.  And, you know, it’s not that it’s gross, but seriously, it’s a bathroom, and it doesn’t hurt to douse it in bleach every now and then.

Friday and Saturday night, we hung out with QoB, which was good.  We didn’t get to see her last weekend because they were out of town, or all week because we were busy, but we finally got in some good quality time.  Big Dog was out of town at a convention and so we got really wild.and.crazy.  Ok, maybe not, but we still had fun.  🙂

Dr. Love received some free tickets to the KC Renaissance Festival a few weeks ago and I was finally well enough from having the flu to go.  His parents ended up coming with us, and it was really a good time.  The weather was absolutely perfect — lots of sunshine, just a bit chilly but warm enough you could be outside all day with a sweatshirt and jeans.  I cannot express just how much I have missed the sun and being outside!

There were a lot of really fun booths and things to look at, but I only ended up bringing home one souvenir — these really magnificent stone coasters from Jerusalem Stone

Jerusalem Stone Coasters

Jerusalem Stone Coasters

The pic really doesn’t do them justice, but it’s a set of four, each one being a different color, but all so beautiful.  You can purchase them here.  Looking at their website, I see that they also do all sorts of wonderful things with flooring and tile.  One day, one day.  🙂

I have really been grooving on Regina Spektor here lately.  I leave you with one of my favorites:

Regina Spektor, On the Radio 


Dear Weekend of Mine

September 11, 2009

Just when I thought I was going to catch a break, a at work, all hell breaks loose…again…and the race is on…again.  I really did think I had this case I am working on all summed up, but I think it’s that attitude that jinxed me, and now I’m starting over from square one.  Nothing I did, not my fault, but still…argh!  Let’s just say that, when you step out for 30 minutes to chainsmoke get some fresh air and clear your head, and they STILL call you on your cell phone, and have security trying to track you down, there are issues. 

But that’s ok, because I only have today, and then there’s the weekend.  The beauty of working at the prison is that, after the day is done, there’s not a lot to fret about because, let’s face it, they’re still locked up and it really becomes not-my-problem. 

Dr. Love worked on the rock patio last night.  It’s not completely done, but it will need to be before tonight, save from putting in the polymer sand.  That’s per the Big Dog, who let me know in no uncertain terms that we were going to have hard rains this weekend and all of that work would be for naught if the few stones left did not get laid and sand put between the cracks.  I’m tempted to wake Dr. Love up to inform him of such, but I think I’ll just call him constantly starting at 9:00 a.m. until he wakes up, answers the phone, and gets to hear all about it.

Kizzer Wizzer finally had her bath last night.  I really don’t know how she gets so dirty, other than perhaps rolling in dirt/mud/sand/grass all of the time and jumping in QoB and Big Dog’s pond anytime she gets the chance.  She is looking much better and seems to be less itchy.  Giving her a bath used to be a huge T/D for me, but now Dr. Love helps and she is very calm.  I think it’s because he watches the Dog Whisperer all the time, really do.  She has turned from an all-the-time rebellious dog into a dog that is somewhat manageable, as long as Dr. Love is around.  Really, she even acts better with me, but she’ll do anything (almost anything) for him.

We don’t have any big weekend plans and I would like to keep it that way.  My dad wants me to go by and feed his cat because they will be out of town on Friday and Saturday.  My thinking — it’s a friggin’ cat…put down some extra food and move on!  I still need to call him back and let him know my thought-process on that, however, and hopefully he doesn’t learn of my feelings by reading this during the morning hours today.  Hi, Dad!  🙂

Other than doing some family visiting, namely drinking mojitos and daquiris in the backyard at QoB’s, I plan to not do much this weekend other than rest.  The past few weeks at work have been really stressful and draining, and we have also stayed really busy on the weeknights.  I think it’s time to take a hint from my dear buddy buddy from high school, Adriana @ From KS to PA (a lady who sometimes does not take her own advice) 😉 and sit on my butt a little bit.

DVR-list, here I come!

Working for the Weekend, Loverboy