From Brassieres to Beethoven

October 21, 2009

I came to a realization last night that it has been at least five years since I have worn a dress.  This realization came to me after trying on my maid-of-honor dress last night for my sister’s wedding.   When I first put it on, I was thinking, “OMG, I look pregnant.”  Turns out that these homemade dress-type-things, well, they have to be fitted specifically to your body.  Also turns out that it looked pretty darn good once it had been done. 

I’m getting pretty excited for the wedding, and also quite excited it has spurred some action into getting a few new bras.  Apparently I’m wearing the complete wrong size and have been for some time.  QoB measured me and bought a bra at JC Penney’s based off the measurements she took.  While it’s not perfect and still needs to be a bit larger around, it’s like night and day, the way the girls look and how comfortable it is.

I have always.always.always been a fan of the underwire bra.  I have this conception that it’s the only way my girls are going to look their best.  After wearing the bra that QoB picked out for me, however, I must say that non-underwire works pretty great, as well. 

In non-bra-related news, I think I have found the perfect piano for the right price in a little town about 45 minutes West of here.  It’s a beautiful antique upright with carvings of ivy vines on the front and would fit in with my house perfectly:




Dr. Love and I are going to Wamego on Thursday night to check it out.  If I like it, I’ll start figuring out a way to get it here.  My first inclination is to hire a moving service, as this is going to be one seriously heavy piano.  It will all depend on how much that would cost.  One way or another, I’ll get it here.  I’m not so worried about that as if it will measure up to how it looks in the pictures. 

It has been years and years since I have played the piano, but, as I’ve written in previous posts, it’s a hobby I would really like to get back into.  Hindsight being 20/20, I wish I would have stuck with it as a kid because, really, I was pretty good at it.  I also think it would be cool to have a piano so my someday children would have the opportunity to learn to play.  I don’t know if I ever thanked QoB for the endless trips out to Hermi’s for lessons, the recitals, or the like, but, Madre, you were always there to make it happen and that was a true gift to me.  I have many happy memories of my piano-playing days.

A song I can remember my mom playing over and over growing up.  One of the first major pieces I hope to learn.  Totally do-able.

Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata


  1. ’tis most interesting… I could play the first movement, but not very damned well… in my memory this is the piece of it I always strived to play (third movement), and never achieved…

    Playing the piano can be completely frustrating, and also exquisitely satisfying, just to attempt.

    Depends on how much slack one is willing to cut oneself, to make music, even if not a concert pianist. Mostly has to do with loving music.

    Ahem… why I still sing and dance from time, even if the voice is shot and the dance moves are decrepit (sp? WTF). Has to do with what is in the soul, rather than the rarified atmosphere of here and now. All in the mind, my beloved… all in the mind.

    And bras are very necessary…also highly overrated depending upon the circumstance. For the wedding venue…a necessary evil of womanhood/vanity personified. 😉

    Personally, I have always seen you as being a very musically-connected individual in some way, shape, or form. As a matter of fact, moreso than anyone else in my family I know other than myself.

    That’s meant as a compliment, at least from a QofB standpoint. Not many can dance in the kitchen, and truly feel it…. XOXO

  2. A side comment.. WTF??? I am SOOOOO not writing at 3:42 a.m. in the morning… whassup with that?

    Mark time soldier… it’s 2256, and I’m heading for bed soon.

  3. Both my husband and I took piano lessons for over 10 years each and hated almost every moment of it. Now, however it feels very good to be able to sit down and play a few pieces that I will never forget how to play. We have my grandmother’s piano. Because we live in a tiny 2 bedroom apartment the only place we could fit it is in our dining room. My husband didn’t blink an eye when I told him that we were moving the piano from KS to PA or I wasn’t going. Emily started an introduction to music and piano lessons this year and LOVES it. I am waiting for the days when Bret and I have to force her to practice and like our own mothers we won’t budge either.

  4. And so Adriana… some words of advice from a “been there” mom, if you will allow.

    ’tis possible to to give one’s child the gift of music, and not force it down throats. 🙂 The answer to that is take them to lessons, and don’t worry about the practice. ’tis possible to give the gift of music, and not “waste money” if the kid doesn’t practice. That is taken care of by the teacher and the child.

    The kid will either have the passion to practice of his/her own volition, or not. It’s not about growing up the next Mozart…it’s about exposing one’s child to the arts. Many of them.

    I took years and years of dance lessons. Never became a hot Rockette, or a lead ballerina, but I can still feel the rhythm and dance with the best of ’em… and enjoy it.

    Sort of like becoming a lawyer, or a doctor, or a publicist… that college class in the arts made one well-rounded and gave the ability for easier discourse in a crowded room.

    And elementary-aged kids are just at the beginning of that learning phase. Ahem… and not meaning to sound like an old-fart lecturer… just an issue that hits me. 🙂

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