Worth Remembering

October 3, 2009

I’ve been thinking a lot about Sondra and my grandpa this week.  I think it all started when Sondra wasn’t at my sister’s bridal shower, and the realization that Ab won’t be able to dance with Grandpa at her wedding.  I can’t pretend to imagine what that’s like for my sister, or my mom.  Absolutely awful, I suppose.  Sometimes, given enough contemplation and thought and silence, things just hit you. 

Brad Paisley, featuring Dolly Parton, When I Get Where I’m Going


  1. Funny… I never danced with my dad. So I guess all of us missed it. I cannot even remember hugging him and saying I love you. Wish I’d have been stronger, but at least was able to teach it.

    I have danced with Sondra… her sense of rhythm sucked, but she always gave it her all. Gav used to be a pretty darned good dance…but it was barely worth the fight to get him there. 🙂

    There’s always someone you’d like to see at the next celebration… I’d say cherish what ya have while you have it.

    What did that fortune cookie slip say? The one I’ve had pinned up for years, that mysteriously disappeared recently? Wish I could remember, because I found it fairly profound.

    ’tis all worth remembering, as long as we don’t let it run our lives. A new idea I’m just now learning how to live. May I learn it well.

    BTW….good blogs. …..XOXOXO

  2. Okay, I listened to the song. God Bless Dolly… she has the voice of an angel.

    I’m hoping I’m already walking that path… leaving my heart wide open, love and have no fears. At least trying.

    I think that’s something that happens in the latter third or so of one’s life… one has seen many strong folks come and go, thus lessons must be learned.

    Gonna keep practicing those lessons. Got a lot of homework to do, but taught by some pretty darned good teachers.

  3. I’m so sorry for your losses, this post is a beautiful tribute. I’m never very good with comforting words for those who are grieving, but please know that I feel for you and your family, and wish I had more words…

    P.S. So sorry I just got around to visiting your beautiful blog today (It has been a busy week for me). I’m so happy to have found you through the Down and Out Chic giveaway, and wanted to say thank you so much for linking back to my blog and the giveaway 🙂

    • Thanks for stopping by Marsi. This post really meant a lot to me and it was great to hear positive feedback.

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