This Drink is On Me

October 3, 2009

This past week has been pretty busy, especially in the evenings.  I even went out to dinner last night with my co-workers to give my boss a going-away party.  Pretty proud of myself — even at the end of a long week when all I wanted to do was go home and relax and take care of this cold I think I am getting, I just acted as if I was going to have/having a fabulous time and ended up enjoying myself.

It’s amazing how much different my idea of a good time is now than in the past (like in college or even for years after).  The bar scene brings on severe PTSD symptoms and I’m really not into that.  Going to one rattles me for weeks and it’s just not worth it to me, especially when I can’t enjoy it while I am there. 

Drinking is also not that important to me anymore, when it definitely used to be.  When we went out last night, everyone was either drunk or getting drunk — I was the only sober person, sipping my herbal tea while everyone else was slamming beer, amaretto sours, margaritas, and mojitos. 

A lot of the issue with drinking is that it is quacking expensive.  And so is eating out, I really had no idea since we never ever go out to eat, other than pizza or Chinese, every great once in awhile, Mexican.  I’d say we eat out less than once a month.

Imagine my shock when my tab for last night was $24 with tip.  What the quack, mate?  All I ordered was a piece of grilled chicken, a baked potato, a side Caesar, and hot tea.  $24, seriously?

The craziness is that I could have made the exact thing at home for less than five bucks.  Maybe around $2-3.  Really makes me not want to eat out even more than I already don’t.  Really makes me glad I wasn’t drinking at the restaurant, as well, because I don’t think you can get a cocktail in there for less than $5.

But, I did have a pretty good time.  My co-workers were very entertaining, I took a lot of pictures with our secretary’s camera, and spent some time with the smokers on the outdoor deck.  It was really pretty nice and I didn’t even really feel bad when I left at 9:00 p.m. and they were “just getting started” (yikes!) drinking.  Wowza.  I had heard before that our MH team was full of party animals, but I didn’t know to what extent…singing scary-oke and dancing on the bar at a local hotspot right by my house. 

And I heard some seriously crazy stories about past bar hopping and official conferences where giving the bartender your bra so that you can dance on the bar sounded tame.  Soooo glad those days are over for me!

A song that really spoke to me and both QoB when I was getting over some serious crazy times toward the end of college and shortly thereafter.  Appreciate every day I’m alive.

Alison Krauss and Brad Paisley, Whiskey Lullaby

One comment

  1. ’twas the worst of times, even tho’ it felt like the best of times. For you, for me. Perhaps the song, which is f’g truth, just hits so close to home that it hurts?

    I loved that life. And I learned to move away from that life. Perhaps because it saved me from a certain death?

    Can’t say I hate it…can’t say I haven’t revisited it over the past thirtysome years, and even occasionally had a hella good time.;)

    But I’ve been fortunate to be surrounded with friends at the bar, who know when ’tis time to go home… and won’t leave the party/bar without me. Friends can be a good thing…even tho’ they’re all fairly flawed. 🙂

    I am very grateful to have been so lucky in life. To the point where I don’t even suffer from PTSD. Because it could’ve been me. And I’m sorry it was you. I would step into your shoes if I could, and just leave you with good memories, and an occasionaly HolyShit! moment.

    I did and do have HolyShit moments, where I truly wished and remembered I always needed someone with me, by my side. I believe I have a hella good guardian angel… that’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it.

    The song does speak to me, as it speaks to you. Just different words, and different people…you and I.

    I believe what we do with our experiences is learn. And figure out how to not repeat it, when it sucked. Each in our own way. Then move on… regardless of how much we’d like to stay stuck.

    And for now, it’s about all I have to say about that. I just keep tryin’ to follow the feather.


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