Love a Jewelry Give-Away!

October 1, 2009
One of my dearest favoritest blogs is Down and Out Chic.  Christina has a darling Etsy shop that features, you guessed it, homemade.jewelry.  I am a complete sucker for earrings and hairpins.  I mean, seriously, I can wear a new pair almost every day for three weeks and not have to repeat.  Lovely.

Through Down and Out Chic, I found the very fabulous blog, The Cottage Cheese, and she is doing a giveaway of Christina’s things. 

My favorite pieces are all of the mum earrings and some of the hairpins.  A few of my favorite selections below:

Persian Red Dangle

Persian Red Dangle


Light Conversation -- A Purple Hairpin Duo

Light Conversation -- A Purple Hairpin Duo

Forever Love hairpins

Forever Love hairpins


  1. thank you so much! what a nice surprise and a great way to start my day. you’re very sweet!

  2. You are such a sweetie to link back to the giveaway, and for saying such sweet things about my blog! You obviously adore Christina as much as I do!

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