Scratchin’ the Kizzer

September 9, 2009

Had an awesome Labor Day weekend.  So awesome, in fact, that I didn’t have one spare second to blog, because I was just so involved in the gloriousness of it all.  We visited all parents, went to a shrimp fry, and hosted a BBQ, where I made the most amazing BBQ’d chicken and, with the help of QoB and Big Dog, nearly finished the rock patio.  Absolute gloriousness.  🙂

Things have really been clicking along for me at work.  I’ve been working non-stop on a really difficult case and, after about one week with working on nothing else, running around like a crazy woman, phone and email blowing up all day long, I have it all wrapped up in a pretty package.  The powers-that-be are super-happy with that, going up as far as Regional and DOC higher-ups.  That’s right, I’m the bomb.  Bonus — I still love my job!

In other news, Kizzer is recovering from some very severe insect bites and a huge batch of stickers (from camping) stuck to a very sensitive spot.  She has been itching like CRAZY the last few days and I just could not figure out what was wrong.  I put flea/tick stuff on her yesterday morning, and when I came home, it seemed like she had gotten progressively worse.  There was nothing I could do to ease her pain, short of giving her some good luvin’ scratches where it seemed to itch.  To make matters worse, she has very sensitive skin, so any little thing really makes her have problems.  So I was lying in bed and Kizzer was making all sorts of horrible noises, biting herself and whatnot.  I flipped her on her back to take a look at her belly…and found a huge mat of stickers right on her hoo-hoo.  Poor doggy!!  The whole area had been licked/bitten raw, to the point it was bloody.  I felt like such a neglectful parent, but I called Dr. Love into the room and he removed them and I rubbed some hydrocortisone cream on her.

I really think, as well as staying current with flea/tick and being more mindful of if she has stickers or not, I need to switch dog foods.  I really don’t think her skin is as healthy as it could be.  Right now I feed Science Diet Sensitive Skin and QoB, a long-time Science Diet user, has recently switched.  I don’t remember what to, but my sister has also switched.  Apparently Science Diet is not the bomb that it was made out to be — that, and it’s hella expensive.  I still have a bunch of Science Diet left, but I’m thinking that maybe I should start weaning her off of it and put her on something else, since she is having such problems.  I don’t want to go through any more guilt and trauma brought on by my doggie’s itchy skin.  And I’m sure she doesn’t either.

Quick shout-out to my momma, QoB, aka QueenOfDaNile — check out her new gravatar…I’m way jealous!  It’s about time I updated mine, so I’m thinking of possibilities to sum myself up.  Suggestions are welcome.  🙂

It’s a Dog’s Life, Kirk Olsen

One comment

  1. Ah yes, stickers on the twinkie. Dammit, I hate it when that happens. That’s not bad pup-parenting, just a learning curve. 😉

    Your client T/D should soon be over. That’s the blessed thing about what ya do now… figure it out, do what ya can, then move.on. A hard lesson to learn, but does help ya stay able to help the next one… and believe-you-me, the next one will come.

    For now, I would continue to feed what ya have…why? because you can. When you get down to a week’s worth of switching, then yes, a change is most likely in order. Can’t hurt, might help, but not like a sudden change will cause anything more than loss of money and most likely the runs. 😀

    Ahem… and yes, my gravatar is f’g awesome. Have had it for many, many years, probably about since I and Al invented the internet. Patience, Prudence, it all comes in due time.

    Now, I must “send” because otherwise no one will see my idolistic gravatar. And yeppers, Labor Day was awesome, as was the BBQ’d cshcikin… and the salad wasn’t bad. 😀

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