Breaking Out the Blender

August 26, 2009

I have really been itching to blog since Sunday, but we’ve had so much going on, it’s been unbelievable.  I know that’s not a great excuse, that there’s always a few minutes to jot something down, but, being the perfectionist I am — I can’t roll like that. 

I went on a serious mania-induced cleaning spree on Sunday.  I woke up at 3:45 (thank you, dearest mania…grrr) and got right to work.  Dr. Love’s parents were coming into town on Monday and I would not have them think I live in a disaster zone.  Of course, it wasn’t a disaster zone to begin with, but after cleaning, organizing, and clearing clutter straight through from about 4:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. (with a two hour nap in the middle, of course), you could eat off any surface in this house.  Everything was just.so and it made me oh-so-very happy. 

Sunday evening we had drinks and dinner at QoB and BD’s.  It was rather fun (as it always/usually is) once we finally made it over there.  I thought I would blog when we returned home, but I was totally exhausted from all of the cleaning (and all of the not sleeping) and slept from 10p-8a, which is totally unlike me.  I should clean like that more often!

Monday at work passed by pretty quickly, and Dr. Love’s parents arrived in town around noon.  I was very nervous about their visit, mostly because they would be meeting QoB and BD for the first time since we started dating.  Yikes!  Also, I really didn’t want to be at work, but wanted to go play and shop and do fun stuff with everyone.  But, no, someone has to bring home the bacon and the prison looks down on skipping work unless you’re on your deathbed. 

After work, Dr. Love’s parents took us out to dinner at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants, Las Fuentes.  Not only were 99 cent margaritas on the menu, but they have the BEST queso dip.  Who can pass up cheese dip…can you?  Huh huh huh??  Didn’t think so.  🙂

A few margaritas later plus some amazing Enchiladas Nortenas, we were on our way to QoB and BD’s.  I think the margaritas helped me feel more calm, and definitely put Dr. Love’s mom in a relaxed state of mind.  We arrived at the house and, being the awesome hostess she is, QoB had frozen margaritas and mojitos.  Mmmmm.  A good time was had by all, Big Dog was able to tell all about the dramatic events from the last few weeks at the shop, and the parents were finally able to check each other out.  And they actually really liked each other.  Yay!

I think this was, by far, the best visit I’ve had with Dr. Love’s parents.  I’m always worried about them accepting me for who I am, and I think they really got a good picture of who I am this trip and they seemed to still like me.  I also got a lot of compliments on the clean house, which never hurts. 

Only missing the “where’s the salt, where’s the GD salt,” my favorite audience refrain.  🙂

Margaritaville,  Jimmy Buffet and Alan Jackson


  1. *sigh* I miss margarita days….they won’t be here again for oh let’s see…at least four months or so 😦 Oh, well. Make sure and have a couple extra for me!

  2. I tried to post here yesterday, and my damned security protection would not let me do so. So here I am for a second try.

    Where’s the salt? Where’s the salt? Where’s the GD salt?

    Ahem….I believe it’s in the front fancy-pantry, on the left, next to the gravy and chili powder. And until today, there was a bowl of it sitting on the counter. But alas, Irma arrived and that particular salt is now history, i.e., stored in a tupperware in my fridge. LOL

  3. PS I see my post is successful. So does this mean Adriana is pregnant, or what??? 😀

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