The Gratefulness in Moving Forward

August 20, 2009

When I started this blog, I was looking for a fresh start.  Something to really get me into blogging again, that could be positive.  In RosieSmrtiePants, it seemed like all I had been doing lately was complaining, moaning, wallowing.  Oh, and not blogging.  I mean, A LOT of not blogging.  I couldn’t stand to face that blog most days, unless I felt really bad.

Queen of Biscuits asked me tonight if I was going to “abandon” my old blog.  GASP!  Abandon?  I guess I hadn’t looked at it that way before.  To me, I had grown out of the old blog and am starting something new.  I honestly believe I can bring that creative spirit back to me without having it revolve around every single negative thought in my head.  A blog with much less wallowing.  Lord, how I hate wallowing in my own misery…having done so much of it, very well documented actually, in my previous blog. 

Could I have done all of this on the same blog?  Perhaps.  That wasn’t the path I chose to take, and really, would choose again in a heartbeat.  I don’t like the term “abandonment” or the thought that I am “abandoning” anything.  I’m sure that’s not where QoB’s head was at, but it really sparked some angst.  What if this new blog is just some manic attempt at “normalcy” or a misled yearning for something different that I can’t have, that I don’t deserve, even?

But here’s the thing.  It’s not any of that.  It’s me, same old RosieSmrtie, writing a new chapter, searching for my creativity again, for my outlet.  And the only person who really needs to take that to heart, is me. 

This is Your Life, Switchfoot


  1. This is your life, are ya who you wanna be? Is it everything you’ve dreamed of being when you were younger? And had everything to lose. Never close your eyes. Because there’s not that much to lose. Other than life.

    We’re never quite who we wanna be… but ‘tis a good journey to get there.

    Yes, yesterday is over. I would embrace that thought. And move forward. Angst-be-damned.

    Still followin’, and to me, with a hella lot of thought process.

    Have ya ever thought about becoming a DJ???  Ummmm, probably not, too commercial of a job. But you surely put a great spin in my day. ….XOXO

  2. PS Tupac is dead. But was a hella good screen of life. Reminds me of an old therapist appointment, many eons ago, where I had to decide where I “fit in” in this life. Mine. Not someone else’s. You go’ g’friend.

    Now madre will leave ya alone for a bit, and hope your new blog brings ya further down the path. Nope… no abandonment… just waitin’ to see what ya have to say here. 😉

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