Sacred Self Birthday

August 19, 2009

I recently celebrated my 28th birthday.  I thought it would make me feel OLD, being two years away from 30, but really, it was a beautiful birthday and I celebrated it all week (as I usually do, in true RosieSmrtie fashion).  I received some really amazing gifts from people I love. 

I finally have a fire pit!  Terribly exciting — I really need to go pick it up from Queen of Biscuit’s house and get it home, set some stuff on fire, pronto.  And dearest Dr. Love gave me two absolutely darling bracelet watches…he couldn’t decide which to get me, so he bought both.  A man after my heart.  🙂  My little sis gave me an amazing blown-glass vase from World Market that is prominently displaying some sort of plant cutting on top of my fridge and the cutest “sisters” frame, that I have yet to find pictures for.

I couldn’t find pics of either of those gifts, because the fire pit is extremely unique (QoB found it at a garage sale) and really screams “ROOOOOSEEEEE!!” and Dr. Love bought the watches at Catherines, and they do not have all of their jewelry online.  I’d love to get a great pic of the vase with the cutting so that my sister could see it, but I’m not so great with the camera and Dr. Love is in bed (lucky dog). 

Something I must pass on, though, is the (in my opinion) some of the best body wash and lotion that has come my way.  I receive this same gift every year from my dad and his wife, Karen.  I ration it out carefully throughout the year so that I never run out, even though I’m tempted to slather myself head-to-toe every day:

Asquith and Somerset Lavender Gift Set

Asquith and Somerset Lavender Gift Set

I generally get a large bottle of the lotion and the body wash, because I’m not much of a bar soap fan, but again, could not find pics of those.  You get the general idea though.  You can buy the individual lotion and body wash at many specialty stores, and can buy the gift set at ValueSphere.  If anyone else knows of a great place to buy it, do tell.  I could use it all up and buy more, in that case!!

There is also a local candle shop that I received seven oversized votives from, and they smell amazing.  I have them going throughout the house, such nice smells.  Marion Lane Candles is right here downtown and, besides having an awesome shop with some fun activities, they have the best candles I have ever had in a huge variety of scents.  Their online shop is fairly decent, if you don’t live here in the city, and I would highly recommend checking it out.  My favorite scent so far is the flower-pot cedar and saffron:

Flower-Pot Votive -- Cedar and Saffron

Flower-Pot Votive -- Cedar and Saffron

So, just some recommendations of yummy yummy yummy scents to check out.  Think I will go light the candle and put on some lotion before work — practicing a little sacred self before work can really help me maintain my sanity throughout the day!


  1. a fire pit! thats such an awesome gift. my husband and i got one as a wedding gift -but its very unusable downtown 🙂 so we cant wait to use it someday!

  2. that is a great gift!! 🙂 Hope you have a GREAT day 🙂

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